Kırann Weaving

Kırann Corporate We are making all kinds of weaving processes in the field of textile.

With our team who work day and night to catch the quality in a hypercorrect manner, we are proud to have the best supply and present you our quality by combining the technology and design.

As Kırann Kurumsal, we produce the best thread, wool, linen and fabric material with the most quality fabric weaving machines and supply them for you, and put them into your service under our brand which we produced and generated.

 Kırann Kurumsal Textile Weaving produces Hotel Textile Fabric Weaving – Hospital Textile Fabric Weaving – Cerement Fabric – Governmental Agency Uniform Clothes Fabric – Foreign Public and Private sector Military Uniforms – Technical fabric necessary for police uniforms.


When purchasing Kırann Kurumsal Hotel textile bedding, you should pay attention for the number and dressing of threads as the criteria.

For the Hotel Bedding, the number of strands should be the number of threads in 1cm². Hotel textile products are manufactured in a high quality and characteristics for washing in industrial machines and are resistant to frequent washing.

Thread Features weaved in 100% cotton 30/1 Hosiery thread  63, 72, 83, 90, 100, 120 thread/cm2 frequency, Gaza (Singed) to prevent pilling after washing. It has a mercerized feature to provide permanent silky gloss and increase saturity of the fabric. To minimize shrinkage ratios (Width, Length) in Beddings, sanforizing process is applied in all our bedding fabrics.


Our Kırann Kurumsal Cerecloth woven fabrics can be produced in 40 m winding batches each according to desired quantity. The cerecloth with 220 cm fabric width are produced in 200 m big rolls each (meter adjustment is available.)

In Kırann Kurumsal Cerement fabric production, we produce according to length desired with meter adjustment for men and women. (For men 8m-9m in 150cm fabric width, For women 9m-10m in 150cm fabric width, For men 9m-10m in 220cm fabric width, For women 10m-11m in 220cm fabric width )


There are a lot of types in manufacture of Kırann Kurumsal Hospital Bedding Textile.

The feature of Ranforce (Maxiforce / Cotonforce) Bedding is being weaved by 57 strands / cm2 % 100 cotton. Due to threads on fabric surface, its air permeability is quite high with those threads creating a texture. It is a fabric with no fading and shrinkage of bedding as produced from special cotton yarn.

The feature of white bedding woven fabrics used in Kıran Kurumsal Hospital Textile is that they are viewed from 100% cotton, 30/1 combed cotton yarn in 64 thread/cm2 closeness. They are made as optical white, Gaza, Calender and Mercerized. Sanforizing is applied in all our hospital bedlining fabrics.

In all white hospital bedlining textile woven fabrics, peroxide bleaching process is applied. They are produced for all public hospitals of the Ministry of Health, and for private hospitals.



Kırann Kurumsal Military uniforms – police uniforms, which are needed by domestic and international public and private sector staff, are within our production group of technical fabric weaving.

Printing, overcoat, membrane laminations, fabric laminations, incombustibility procedures, anti-bacterial and antistatic procedures can be done for our products in our specific weaving group.

Raincoat, poncho, reefer jacket, pants, shirt, camouflage smocks, military bags, assault vests are produced from our fabrics in Kırann Kurumsal woven fabric product group.

For Military Uniforms – Police Uniforms fabric features, we perform straight painted, printed and waterproof coated weaving for companion fabrics i.e. nylon-polyester, nylon/cotton, polyester/cotton, polyester/viscon companions. Our companion fabric production is mostly used in active sport, pants, uniform, promotion and shirt sectors.


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