about us

Our company was founded in 1988, and incorporated Kırann Kurumsal on 14 July 2015 for its textile production which made it a well-known company throughout Turkey with its talented staff who follow state-of-the art technology and are open to improvements.

As we are specialized in governmental tenders for business clothes of state organizations; we are assertive and do not compromise quality in producing Military Clothes, Police Clothes, PTT Clothes, Security Clothes, Boilersuits, Pilot Clothes, Hostess Clothes, Military Uniforms, Police Uniforms as well as we make consultation and product design in fabric weaving, bag manufature, shoe manufacture, textile promotion products etc.

Since the day it has started production, our company which is in a regular growth has proven its success in official institution tenders and become one of the leading producers in that field.

Our company is specialized in official uniforms and presents to its customers its products which are designed based on international standards and in accordance with technical specifications.

Being differentiated and  unique, which is one of the most important needs of textile sector, leads at the top of our business approach. Therefore as Kırann Kurumsal, we consider many factors such as corporate identity of brand, dynamics of target market, customer needs, operational requirements, functionality, endurance, physical conditions and washing conditions.

We are trying to add positive value to your corporate image with our special analyses for the sector’s need, design processes and our technological production line getting stronger.

Thanks to our sense of service, we are able to produces in a large scale from short-term needs i.e. fair, acivities to long-term ones such as industrial fields, industrial facilities, hotels – holiday villages, food premises, cleaning / technical services, security, transportation, cosmetics companies, school, hospital, private service sector etc. In addition, our product range also includes a lot of different products such as overalls, safari suit, work coats, shortall, coverall suit, jacket skirt, pants, shirt, knitwear, t-shirt, sweat-shirt, waistcoat, coat, reefer jacket, raincoat and promotion technical products (hat, skull cap, gloves, necktie, kerchief).

As a producer and supplier, we make sales in domestic market of Turkey for state institutions.   We also continue to export our products to many countries in foreign market.