Work uniforms:

Use of areas for work uniforms vary depending on the sector. Each work uniform is used for different jobs. The uniforms preferred by employers are the ones with quality looking and easy to use. Although the purpose in work clothes is visual perception, the use of work uniforms has a lot of importance Work clothes suitable to the sector, suitable to corporate identity and working field of the sector The working clothes which we perform their production as Kırann Kurumsal Textile, increase the work efficiency of corporate firms. The products which we manufacture as Kırann Kurumsal Textile are sanitary for human health, are produced in accordance with Quality certificates. Kırann Kurumsal Textile olarak ürettiğimiz work clothes, work overalls, long reflector raincoat, reflector vest, reflector coat, work shoes, hospital clothes, work t-shirts  The work uniforms that we produce as Kırann Kurumsal Textile include overalls, high visibility raincoat, high visibility jacket, high visibility coat, work shoes, hospital clothes and work shirts. How the work uniforms should be?

The work uniforms vary according to field of work. As Kırann Kurumsal Textile, we produce dirt resistant, stainless and loose work clothes with no wearing for the staff of companies with heavy workload. For Cafe Staff uniforms, restaurant work uniforms used in the Food Sector; cook work uniform, work uniforms; we produce dirt resistant, stainless, antiperspirant, loose and breathable work uniforms. By preferring gabardine fabric, ultimate elegant models can be designed in your style which are easy to iron and comfortable to wear. Choosing working clothes for hospital staff is quite important. It should have an elegant design as well as be comfortable to use. At Kırann Kurumsal Textile, we produce Physician uniform, Nurse uniform, surgery uniform, ambulance physician uniform, ambulance nurse uniform, emergency service uniform and the hospital uniforms, which have comfortable shapes due to the work done and that one can put and off easily like a tracksuit.

Police Uniforms

Uniforms, Police Tshirt, Polis Shirt , Police Clothes , Police Official Uniforms, Police Cap, Police Overcoat, Police Parka, Police Waistcoat, Police Coat , We produce Police Outfit within the company and sell original uniforms of Directorate General of Security. Our new police uniforms  All uniforms of law enforcement agency that are available in the new regulations issued by Directorate General of Security i.e. traffic branch, riot squad, police special operations, General service Policemen, Yunus Policemen, Watchmen Uniforms are produced by Kırann Kurumsal Textile. Police Uniforms it is an important point to have been produced in accordance with safety criteria suitable for human health. It is quite important for police uniforms to be durable and quality. Police Raincoat, Police Warning Waistcoats, Police High Visibility parkas, Police High Visibility waistcoats, We produce in accordance with technical specification from Polyester fabric in different colors. Police T shirt  is produced by special fabrics and 100% cotton pique fabric, polo neck collar, Hi-vis Print Embroidery, Police coat of arms and fabric suitable for human health was used. All uniforms produced at Kırann kurumsal textile are manufactured in accordance with technical specification and tender. Please contact us to get detailed information about our uniforms that the policemen can easily supply.

Military Clothes – Military Uniform

Kırann Kurumsal Textile which makes special production on Military Uniform prefer Rıbstop / Gabardin, Cotton/ polyester fabrics that are special products and suitable for human health. Military camouflage uniform models are produced within our company, Kırann Kurumsal Textile. As Kırann Kurumsal Textile, we produce Military uniforms within our company by considering many factors such as strength, physical conditions and washing conditions. Kırann Kurumsal Textile has the production system to be acle to perform all manufacturing of every product demanded by every supplier firms. As Kırann Kurumsal Textile, we blend our experiences and background with global changes and our new attempts, design functional collections which are suitable to corporate culture and have a grasp of trends, and bring added value to corporate images of firms. Military Formal Ceremony Uniform  The products, special designs and special fabrics demanded within Kırann Kurumsal Textile are manufactured by Wool, Polyester and Cotton Fabric in accordance with technical specification. Ceremony Uniform accessories are specially produced for Naval Forces, Air Forces, Land Forces and other units, completed with metal buttons and demanded coat of arms designs.

Hospital Textile:

On Kırann Kurumsal Hospital Uniforms, Hospital Clothes, Scrubs,Nurse Clothes, Surgery Suit, Ambulance Physician Uniform,Ambulance Nurse Uniform, Hospital Slippers Medical Textile Group, The production is made by selecting the fabrics which are suitable for human health. Hospital clothes are among the uniforms that should be compulsorily worn in governmental agency uniforms. Doctors, nurses, caretakers and surgeons are obliged to work permenantly with professional crubs. As Kırann Kurumsal, we are preferred for being a branded company in producing clothes in accordance with technical specification. For the clothes we produce within Hospital Textile group, we use types of fabric such as polyviscose and polycotton. The clothes in hospital textile group are produced both for men and women suitable for all sizes and with many different color choice. We produce new models of hospital slipperies both for women and men.

Promotion Products:

On the uniforms which are used compulsorily in profession groups, accessories are used for chicness purpose. As Kırann Kurumsal, we prefer polyviscose and polycotton which are quality types of fabrics, while producing Governmental Agency uniforms. The accessories completing the uniforms we manufacture and the metal buttons or ceremony accessories which are used to increase chickness of the uniforms, is the most crucial point to be considered on such clothes. We manufacture corporate hats or leather shoes suitable for women in the best manner to complete corporate uniforms.  Among the accessories of governmental agency uniforms, products such as Corporate Hat etc. are available. The more quality that the uniforms we produce are, the more quality should be the promotional accessories we use in order to complement each other.  In Kırann Kurumsal Textile promotion manufacture, we produce a large variety of products such as women’s shirt, men’s shirt, corporate hat, necktie, fair activity dress, hotel – holiday village textile, skullcap, gloves, necktie, kerchief, raincoat, pillow, blanket, sweatshirt.