Kırann Staff Clothing

Kırann Corporate Since 1988, we produce in every sector with your work clothes continues to direct them to your work clothes.

Ürettiğimizpersonel kıyafetleri çeşitlerini  görebilirsiniz.

Kırann Corporate

Since 1988, we continue to produce corporate garments in all sectors by combining our talent and experience with the best fabric.

For us not to make more sales or earn more money by creating the best product at the most appropriate price by creating employment in our country we are committed to be useful in every sense.

Sağlık,Otel,Restaurant,Eğitim,Temizlik,Güvenlik,İnşaat,Business gibi birçok sektörde kurumsal personel kıyafetini sadece üretmiyor kılı kırk yararcasına düşünerek aynı zamanda uzman ekiplerimizle her adımını tasarlayıp üretiriz. Our goal is zero error.

If you had both sectoral and academic experience in the subjects of our engineers working in-house, they work day and night for the best design as a result of the meetings with the doyen of the sector.

Some images from our workspaces. We Protect Our Detection Devices (Bottom-Right)

Some of Our Products

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