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THY STAFF CLOTHİNG As a result of our agreements  THY We produce clothes.

Kırann Weaving

Kırann Corporate We are making all kinds of weaving processes in the field of textile. With our team who work day and night to catch the quality in a hypercorrect manner, we are proud to have the best supply and present you our quality by combining the technology and design. As Kırann Kurumsal, we produce […]

Kırann Uniform

As Kırann Corporate priority area of activity types of uniforms in the public sector. , our primary field of activity is uniform varieties in the public sector. Textile and all kinds of accessory needs of the public market are completely produced in our own structure. We serve many public institutions such as hospitals, police, military, gendarmerie, hostess, IETT, PTT. […]

Kırann Merchandising

As Kırann Corporate  we sell the products we produce in our own stores and manage our own stores. Kırann Corporate As in Izmir, Mugla, Istanbul, we have stores in the store there are all the textile products that we have produced in the store plasma, that is to say that all the products from the […]

Kırann Staff Clothing

Kırann Corporate Since 1988, we produce in every sector with your work clothes continues to direct them to your work clothes. Ürettiğimizpersonel kıyafetleri çeşitlerini  görebilirsiniz. Kırann Corporate Since 1988, we continue to produce corporate garments in all sectors by combining our talent and experience with the best fabric. For us not to make more sales or […]

Kırann Textile Goods

Kırann In the textile field as an enterprise  work aprons, safari suit, jacket suit, gardener coverall, men’s coverall, jacket-skirt, trousers, shirt, knitwear, t-shirt, sweat-shirt, vest, jacket, coat, raincoat, promotional technical products (hats, gloves, ties, scarves) we produce products. Some of the works we do T.C.POSTA PTT A.Ş 2016-2017 WINTER MAIL DISTRIBUTOR CLOTHING GOODS MINISTRY OF […]

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